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Salton Sea Shore

You want strange. This place has got it!

Bisti Wilderness, New Mexico

The best badlands I've ever seen.

White Sands, New Mexico

It's 35C and what you're looking at is not snow. 2016

Franconia NUTS trip

Franconia Ridge, Mt. Washington, glowing tree fungus. Quite a mix

Mt. Whitney, Half Dome, Zion, etc

Climbing mountains, rivers, deserts... Almost too much in 2015.

Comicon Toronto 2014

It's time to get your geek on.

A Week In Iceland

On the edge of the Arctic Circle during days of 24 hour sun.

Mardi Gras + Lousiana

Mardia Gras is amazing, but the rest of Lousiana has lots to see also.


2+ weeks in Peru with the COWS

Easter Hat Parade

How New Yorkers' celebrate Easter

New York (again)

Another 4 days in the world's greatest zoo.

Tahiti + Bora Bora

A week in French Polynesia

New York

Four High Compression days of sights, art, shows and tastes of the Big Apple

Chicago 2010

Amazing city, where among other art forms is the hot dog.

Zombie Walk 2010

The dead walk again, in Toronto's Annual Zombie Walk. This parade was soooo much fun!

Splash and Sunset

Another quick trip up the Bruce Peninsula Nat. Park, a breathtaking crossing Georgian Bay at sunet and Manitoulin Island

Havasupai Reservation

This isolated, hard to get to spot in the Grand Canyon, has some of the most beautiful waters and falls in the world

East and West of Las Vegas Camping trip.

Start in Death Valley, Havasupai Res. and Monument Valley.

Up State New York Art Tour

the Corning Museum, my favorite, most beautiful museum and the art in the forest Griffis Sculputre Park.

Up State New York Waterfalls

Certainly Niagara is the greatest of falls, but there are others in the State as well.

more Las Vegas Life + Death Valley continued

A continuation of one of the most interesting areas in the world.

Death Vally + N Arizona + S Utah

It was just so amazing the first time, I had to go back for more. There is sooooo much to see out there!

Grand Canyon National Park

Pictures from many viewpoints on the south rim of one of the worlds most famous landmarks.

Upper Antelope Canyon

One of most unique places I have ever been in my life. It is a canyon located near Page, Arizona, USA.

Monument Valley and area

To see this spot is the main reason for my trip. Pictures do not convey how impressive this spot is.

Bryce Canyon Area

North East of Las Vegas, the first scenic area I passed through. Unfortunately there was too much snow for me to visit the park itself.

Arches National Park

The most interesting park in the Grand Canyon area.

Killarney Park

Day trip to Killarney.

Chicago 'Ween' RG 2009

Haloween with he Windy City M crowd.

Toronto Islands at sunset

Last few days in late September.

Mensa AG 2009

This time we return to our Capital. Oh Canada. Oh fun!

Chicago Art

Probably the most interesting outdoor art city in North America. I went there for half a day of business. This is what I saw the other 3 days I was there :)

Europe Trip 2008

Photos from my recent month long trip to Europe ( Dresden, Prague, Berlin, Paris, Bruxelles, Gdansk, Warsaw, Tarnow area, Krakow and London. Here are the best 294 from among the 8330 pictures taken.

Nuit Blanche 2008

Toronts's 3rd all night art festival.

Bruce Penisula + Manitoulin Island

Many beautiful pictures of Bruce Penisula National Park. Ontario's "Cote Savage".

Quebec City

My cross Canada Adventure starting in Quebec City, Tedoussac Whales, 586 pictures

British Columbia

My trip continues: Vancouver and Islands. 408 pictures

Polaris 2008

Mostly costumes from the Polaris Science Fiction convention, 173 pics

Doors Open 2008

The weekend in Toronto when all sorts of neat places open their doors to the public

Trip to Manitoulin Island

a beautiful part of Ontario

Burning Sphere Festival

Toronto's own winter festival. Very Hot, Very cool, very oxymoron! Burning spheres by a French art group. Take a look!

Alice in Wonderland (Toronoto!)

Performed on stilts in the city square during Toronto's own winter festival

Natural Ecological Devastation

In Thommy Thompson Park (Toronto) Cormorants have shown that we humans are not the only ones to completely destroy nature around us.

Carnival du Quebec 2008

One of the best winter festivals anywhere. C'est tres bon temp!

Ice Hotel

One of the two ice hotels in the world. This one is in Quebec

Chinese Lantern Festival

Light Creatures at Ontario Place

Warriors and Dancers

A Sunday afternoon dance show on the top of Mont Royal


Bright lights now on at Harbourfront

Las Vegas

Both city and desert


A day in the Windy City

New York

The city by day and night

The Gates

The Gates art installation in Central Park.


Living large at the top of Chicago

Doors Open 2007

Toronto from the inside



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