About the Photographer (Me) contíd

I am an amateur photographer. I do this just for my own fun. Over the years I have found that other people seem to enjoy my work too, so I have created this web site to share some of that.

By "some of that" I mean 2 things. First, the images on this web site are low resolution copies of the original image. The images are encoded to match the Internet connection speed and screen resolution of most monitors. Seeing these images printed on photographic paper can be quite impressive, since most of my pictures are quite sharp, and rich in detail. Secondly, I do a lot of portraiture, but since those are more private than public in nature, I do not publish those images here.

"Keeping it real." I do not like to modify my images. A large part of my enjoyment of a photograph is to know that what I see on the screen or print was real. Some people like to spend hours in PhotoShop or the darkroom playing with their images. I am not one of them.

Am I hoping to make money in photography? Not really. From time to time I make a few bucks selling prints. Maybe it's better that I don't do this for a living. Currently I enjoy complete freedom. I photograph what entertains me. Would I leave my existing job instantly to do photography for a living. I donít know. My situation is not that desperate. My "day job" machine vision still entertains and challenges me.

Actually, my day job is photography related. I design and build computer systems that "see". I connect a video camera to computer and program the computer the computer to identify or quality control check products in factories. To do that I have to play with lights, lenses and cameras. The same hardware as for art photography, but for a different purpose. Also, since I have to program a computer to recognize images, I have, I feel, a somewhat unique, very analytic, very disciplined insight into images.

And as you can see from the pictures on the previous page, I also enjoy being the model in front of the camera. Itís a mini-hobby itself.


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